Hi Guys,

Studio Natoyaista has been a passion project for the past eight years. I’ve loved creating handmade gifts, art and other small projects for some of you. I’m an avid collector of all things vintage and it has been my pleasure to curate specific pieces to fit your lives. Whether it be vintage clothing, home decor or that special one of a kind antique item. Nothing has given me more pleasure than sharing these treasured items with you.


Hello I'm Natoya. I'm a mommy and adventurer living in the Fraser Valley region of Beautiful British Columbia. I'm currently working towards a Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of the Fraser Valley. I love fashion, All things Beauty, I'm a collector/seller of vintage and antique items, I DIY, I'm often out in the wilderness with my camera trying to capture nature in it's rawest form. My most important role is, of course, being a mommy to my wonderful son. This blog is a wonderful assortment of all the things we enjoy. Happy Reading!

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